About Event

We are still looking for volunteers and sponsors. Please e-mail us at info@AccessibilityCampDC.org, if you would like to help or sponsor this event.

This event is going to be run like a typical BarCamp, which is an un-conference, where the people attending are the speakers, please come with talk or discussion in mind.

Registration for this “FREE” event to attendees is now CLOSED. Part of the reason we holding off opening all the tickets is we are trying to make sure people don't just sign-up to get a spot not knowing what their schedule is going to be in two months and then not show up.

At past BarCamp's we have done here in Washington, DC, and others have done around the world, people have usually rushed to get a spot and never made it to the event. So please bare with us while we work out a bunch of issues with the schedule, and the event.

Please follow http://www.twitter.com/AccessCampDC to know what is going on and when registration and other points of interest are occurring.