Streaming Video Information

Thanks to Center for Research on Collaboratories and Technology Enhanced Learning Communities (Cotelco) from American University, we will be able to live stream sessions from two of the four rooms we will be using for Accessibility Camp DC sessions. We will know which sessions will be available through this live streaming until the final agenda is set - 11 AM EDT Saturday.

In a few sessions, it will be possible for you to participate remotely. We will identify in the posted agenda each session that will allow remote participation.

We will be using Google docs to create the conference agenda. Unfortunately, Google docs are not accessible to people with visual disabilities. We are still working through this issue and will announce the solution on Twitter as soon as we have it.

For the latest information on our progress, follow us on Twitter with the hash tag #a11ydc.

Video Room information

To Make Elluminate Accessible

The following link will make the conferencing system Elluminate accessible to screen readers:

Java Accessibility Bridge

The Java Accessibility Bridge allows these screen readers to provide verbal cues in the Elluminate Live! interface.

For Windows users

Please download the Java Accessibility Bridge to your desktop and double-click on it to complete the installation. This will now allow your screen reader product to function in Elluminate Live!

Download the Windows Java Accessibility Bridge

For Mac OS X users

Java Accessibility Bridge is already pre-installed on your system with your version of Java.