Understanding Reading Order Options

Informative Image: Screenshot of the TouchUp Reading Order dialog box from Acrobat 9 and screenshot of a table of a description of the TouchUp Reading Order options.

Long Description: The TouchUp Reading Order dialog box tells the user to draw a rectangle around the content then click one of the buttons below. Those buttons include all types of content in an Acrobat document including Text, Form Field, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Figure, Figure/Caption, Table, Cell, Formula, and Background. The TouchUp Reading Order options table (which is a screenshot from webaim.org), provides the Adobe tag for each of those content types and some additional information. Adobe tags are listed as <P> for Text, <Form> for Form Field, <H1> for Heading 1, <H2> for Heading 2, <H3> for Heading 3, <Figure> for Figure, <Figure><Caption> for Figure/Caption, <Table><TR><TH><TD> for Table, <TD> for Cell, <Formula> for Formula, and null for Background. Additional info includes text such as the following for Background: Also called an artifact, this will hide an item completely from a screen reader.