Developing Accessible PDF Documents

Carolyn Kelley Klinger

Index of Slides : Text Only Version

  1. Developing Accessible PDF Documents
  2. Agenda
  3. Scenarios for Making PDFs Accessible
  4. Your starting point
  5. Setting up the Source Document
  6. Setting up the source document
  7. Creating a tagged PDF
  8. Acrobat PDFMaker: Settings tab
  9. Acrobat PDFMaker: Security tab
  10. Acrobat PDFMaker: Word tab
  11. Acrobat PDFMaker: Bookmarks tab
  12. Save as Accessible PDF (Word 2003)
  13. Save as Accessible PDF (Word 2007)
  14. Checking for PDF Accessibility
  15. First Steps in Checking for Accessibility
  16. Options for Checking PDF Accessibility
  17. Accessibility Checker Result Message
  18. Fixing PDFs for Accessibility
  19. Checking Adobe PDF Tags
  20. Confirming the Tags are Correct
  21. Using the Detailed Error Report
  22. Touching Up the Reading Order
  23. Using the TouchUp Reading Order Panel
  24. Understanding Reading Order Options
  25. Adding Tags to an Untagged PDF
  26. Fixing PDF Tags
  27. Adding Scope to Table Headers
  28. Tagging Artifacts
  29. Other Accessibility Tests
  30. Other Accessibility Tests
  31. Other Resources
  32. Thank you!

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